News: AB3 Update Along With Myles/Slash News

Hello Alter Bridge Nation,

The band wanted to let all of you know that they are in the middle of Pre-production on their third album (which they are calling AB3 for now) with their producer, Michael "Elvis" Baskette. Pre-production is the process in which they bounce all our song ideas off Elvis, finalize the arrangements, and choose which songs ultimately make the album before they record. If you would like an eyewitness report from Myles, be sure to read his blog in the previous news item. He also breaks some news about Slash appearing on his solo project.

The band are very excited with how the songs they wrote for the third album are turning out so far and, as of last night, they have 10 songs fully arranged. The band are going to keep writing and arranging right up until they feel they are ready to record and still have about 10 more songs that are in various stages of completion they still need to go through and finalize. The ultimate goal is to whittle it down to about 15 songs that the band will end up recording. All 15 may not make the final cut on the album but they always feel it is a good idea to record a few extra songs just in case. The first day of recording is drawing closer and will let you know when it happens in a future update.

In other news, Slash has announced on his blog that our brother in music, Myles, will be fronting Slash’s Tour this spring. You can read the news here

The band are absolutely thrilled that Myles will be able to showcase his talent with one of the greatest and most influential guitarists in rock music today. After Myles finishes laying down the vocal tracks for the third album, he will join Slash for this tour and then will re-join the band in time for the band's own planned tour of Europe in October. The band support Myles 100% in his upcoming road adventures with Slash and everybody is looking forward to hearing his upcoming album.

But right now, finishing the pre-production on the third album is very important to the band so they are going to get back to it. Stay tuned for further updates and please know that the band read all the comments that are left for them so fire away.

Keep rocking,

Alter Bridge


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