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Alter Bridge - Live in Amsterdam Reviews

The 'Live in Amsterdam' DVD is amazing and a must for all Alter Bridge fans! Great camera work, amazing sound and it really captures the excitement and intensity of an Alter Bridge Live show!

'Live in Amsterdam' includes every regular set list favourites such as 'Metalingus', 'Watch Over You', 'Broken Wings', 'Rise Today',  'Open Your Eyes' and many more. The documentary captures Alter Bridge through footage taken throughout its Fall 2008 European tour, from Milan to London to Amsterdam.

“The tour we did in Europe and the UK late last year turned out to be a really amazing experience,” says Myles. “I feel like the Live in Amsterdam DVD really captures all of that and more.  Everyone at DC3 did a great job documenting the magic of that evening.”

Directed by Daniel E. Catullo III (Rush, Nickelback, Smashing Pumpkins, Godsmack) and produced by Catullo, Lionel Pasamonte, and Peter Bowers, the 24-camera, state-of-the-art high definition shoot was filmed in front of a fanatical audience of 8,000 Dutch fans as the band gave the performance of a lifetime, captured in pristine audio visual perfection, in 5.1 Surround Sound, at Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. The concert audio was mixed by Andy Johns (The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin). The Deluxe Edition of the DVD is set to include a second bonus disc of content shot specifically for this release, plus a 60-minute documentary and photo gallery, and 24-page souvenir booklet.

The concert set list includes:

1. Come to Life
2. Find The Real
3. Before Tomorrow Comes
4. Brand New Start
5. White Knuckles
6. Buried Alive
7. Coming Home
8. One Day Remains
9. Watch Over You
10. Ties That Bind
11. Blackbird
12. In Loving Memory
13. Metalingus
14. Open Your Eyes
15. Broken Wings
16. New Way to Live
17. Traveling Riverside Blues
18. Rise Today

Below are reviews from fans who have managed to get hold of a copy since the release date!

5.0 out of 5 stars The wait was worth it., October 23, 2009
By  G Bruin (Highlands Ranch, CO)

Alter Bridge fans have been waiting a long time for this DVD to be released, and it has proven to be worth the wait. Filmed near the end of their European tour in 2008, it includes all 18 songs from the concert, and captures Alter Bridge at its finest, live and on stage. The camera shots are polished, the sound quality is tight, the stage show is impressive - all things you should expect from a live DVD. But the bottom line that separates this DVD from others is the band's performance, which shows off Alter Bridge's unmatched combination of song writing qualities and musical chops.

No band in the world has more talent than Alter Bridge, which features guitar god Mark Tremonti, a shockingly heavy rhythm section of Brian Marshall on bass and Scott Phillips on drums, and the best vocalist in rock, Myles Kennedy, who is also an outstanding guitarist in his own right. Together, they layer gorgeous melodies on top of head banging rhythms, with shredding guitar solos, inspiring lyrics, soaring vocals, and tons and tons of emotion. Highlights on the DVD include the speed and power of songs like White Knuckles, One Day Remains, and Metalingus - which features jaw-dropping shots from a camera mounted on Mark's headstock; a beautiful acoustic version of Watch Over You; a rare live performance of New Way To Live; and chilling audience sing-alongs on Broken Wings, Open Your Eyes, and In Loving Memory - a song as emotional on-stage as in the crowd. Alter Bridge's epic song, Blackbird, the centerpiece of the show, is absolutely stunning and is worth the price of the DVD alone.

No band plays better music with more meaningful lyrics than Alter Bridge. This DVD will be treasured by fans that know the band already, and should introduce Alter Bridge's incredible musical gift to many newcomers. You must see it, and hear it, to believe it.

5.0 out of 5 stars The Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of Rock-and-Roll, October 24, 2009
By  Brian A. Thompson (North Iowa)

While the majority of "modern rock radio" keeps on churning out hot dogs and Spam, Alter Bridge has treated us to Filet Mignon with all the trimmings. No truer is this statement than in the recent release of Alter Bridge's first (of hopefully many!) DVD, "Live in Amsterdam." From the crooning, sultry, raucous, and everywhere-in-between modern day legend Myles Kennedy, to the Rock-and-Roll Energizer Bunny Mark Tremonti, to the heart-thumping bass grooves of Brian Marshall, to the intense clarity of Scott "Flip" Philips' drums, this band is tighter than Scott Stapp's leather pants.

There are so many cliches that float around band reviews, but Alter Bridge, as the song says, makes them Come To Life. From beginning to end, the boys don't miss a beat and the air in Amsterdam's Heineken Music Hall is full of electric dynamite. The band brings their hot-and-heavy thunder on songs like White Knuckles and Metalingus, and slow it down for some emotional highs with songs like Brand New Start and Broken Wings. Myles goes solo on an absolutely jaw-dropping rendition of radio hit Watch Over You, and shows off his bluesy chops with a cover of Robert Johnson's Traveling Riverside Blues. The Beatles-inspired title track to their second album, Blackbird, opens with a nod to the Fab Four's song of the same name before ripping into your soul with their own grandiose anthem for those we have lost too soon ("Let the wind carry you home / Blackbird, fly away / May you never be broken again"). Also sure to jerk a tear or two from your eyes is guitarist Mark Tremonti's ode to his mom who passed away several years ago, In Loving Memory. In a special treat for the hardcore fans, the band pulls out a Best-Buy Exclusive bonus track from the Blackbird album, fan-favorite New Way To Live. And of course, the crowd-pumping commercial radio singles Open Your Eyes and Rise Today leave not a voice in the room unheard. All this, and 7 more sensational Alter Bridge hits, can be yours today for the low low price of $20.49!

If you have not yet treated yourself to the music of Alter Bridge, or have heard the radio singles and just aren't sure, this DVD WILL (I guaran-damn-tee) push you over the edge. This band bridges the gap between rock radio sludge and the mostly unknown but virtuoso-ic technical juggernauts like Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree, toeing the line between commercial rock and progressive metal without alienating fans of either genre (or anything in between). While Mark, Brian, and Scott have achieved more commercial fame and status with Creed, singer/guitarist Myles Kennedy is an absolute hero for our generation of musicians, all while remaining as humble as the kid-off-the-street he was in Spokane 15 years ago.

So why did I call this the "Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of Rock-and-Roll?" Myles said it himself. He and Mark flow together as singers, guitarists, and songwriters seamlessly, not with the exact same style, but with complimentary flourishes, melding together to create one tasty treat with two distinct flavors. (Though lest we forget Brian and Flip, the... wrapper and the cardboard piece holding it all together? Sure, let's go with that. :) )

Treat yourself to an eargasm and get this DVD -- not next week, not next month, but Before Tomorrow Comes. You will NOT be disappointed!

5.0 out of 5 stars Great live rock and roll!!!, October 22, 2009
By   rock_goddess

This DVD is absolutely AMAZING! Alter Bridge is one of the most underrated bands in rock and roll today. they have 2 great CDs out and they are incredible live! nothing beats actually seeing them, but this DVD captures the experience wonderfully. Myles Kennedy is a phenomenal singer, both studio and live, and a very underrated guitarist. Mark Tremonti, well, he's Mark Tremonti. he's fantastic. Brian Marshall and Scott "Flip" Phillips are great also, and round out, imho, the best rock band out there now. if you like a good rock and roll DVD this is what you're looking for. coming in 2010... ABIII AND MORE LIVE AB!! BRING IT ON!! :D

5.0 out of 5 stars  Best Concert DVD Ever Sold, November 8, 2009
By Matthew J. Moore (Maple Grove, MN)

If you're a fan of Alter Bridge or music concerts in general, this is a must buy. Not only is the music and performance by Alter Bridge absolutely amazing but it's really well done from the technical side.
The lighting is spectacular and with 20 different HD camera angles this DVD will not disappoint.

The best camera angle is a small camera that they attach to the end of Mark Tremonti's guitar on a few songs. Seeing Tremonti shred like a mad man with a sweet camera angle shooting straight down the neck of the guitar is worth the price of the DVD in itself. Not to mention there are 18 songs included on the DVD plus the rare bonus track never performed live "New Way to Live".

BUY THIS DVD!!!! I don't think I can make it any clearer. Crank up your surround sound and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

5.0 out of 5 stars  I am in awe, November 4, 2009
By  Austin Weeks (Salt Lake City, Utah)

I've always been a huge Alter Bridge fan and I've always wanted to see them live, but unfortunately they've never played at any venues near me. Needless to say, I ordered this DVD day one and I have never been so impressed at a concert dvd in my life! I've watched other live dvds and have somewhat enjoyed them, but this one was different. I cranked up the surround sound and enjoyed this beyond my highest hopes! I might be being a little bit over the top, but I honestly felt like I was there at some points. This is well worth the money and a dvd I will enjoy many, many times. Great job to the film crew and of course, ALTER BRIDGE!!!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Pure Awesomeness, November 3, 2009
By  S. Hill (Little Rock, AR USA)

If you are a fan of Alter Bridge then this DVD is a must have...The guys are simply at their best here and the film crew did an excellent job! I have fallen in love with the band all over again because of this DVD. The definate highlights is Myles' acoustic performance of "Watch Over You", the heart warming "In Loving Memory", and gut wrenching "Blackbird"! These guys really know what it means to rock! I would absolutely recommend this DVD to anyone that appreciates a good band and good rock n' roll! Bring on AB III!!!


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