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The band are pleased to announce that full band writing sessions for the third album will resume in the first week of December when Myles will fly down to Florida.

They hope to get the writing done by the end of January so that they may start recording in February. Mark is hard at work writing songs (he never stops) for the upcoming album as we speak. The band are very excited to meet up in December and will keep you posted when the process starts.

Right now, Myles is locked up in a recording studio until December laying down tracks for his solo project. The band are all psyched to hear what their brother in music comes up with as they are sure it will be astounding. We’ll update you with more on this once Myles emerges from the studio.

For those of you who have yet to hear… Myles was tapped by none other than Slash to co-write and sing a song on Slash’s upcoming solo record. The band know it was a dream come true for Myles as GNR was very influential to him. Here is a link to read some news on this…

The band also want to thank all of you fans for spreading the word and keeping  their 'Live In Amsterdam' DVD in the Top Ten on in Music DVD’s. They do not have any new news to report on when it will be available worldwide or for digital download, other than the fact that their management says they are working on it. You never know how long all this legal stuff will take, so their advice is to take advantage of the Amazon opportunity. Here is a direct link to purchase (the DVD should work on all computers)…

The only other news that the band would like to convey is that they will be back with a vengeance in 2010. Don’t listen to what anyone else says. The band are all very supportive of each other in all the projects they do, but never doubt that Alter Bridge is their soul. The plan is to have a new album out for you fans in the second half of 2010. They will tour again as soon as they get the album out.

Thank you, again, for being patient while Mark, Brian, Myles and Flip all work on different projects.

We’ll let you know how the writing is coming along once the band all get together to work out "ABIII" (Working Title) in the first week of December. Until then, they hope you enjoy the DVD!

Keep rocking,

 Alter Bridge


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