News: Regarding the DVD Delay

A message from Myles:

I would like to apologize on behalf of everyone in the Alter Bridge camp for the delayed release of "Live in Amsterdam."

Frankly, it's embarrassing to say the least.
Many of you have inquired as to why the date has been pushed back.  The answer is that a couple of things came up that were way out of our control.  It's hard to navigate through the complex maze of the music industry without making a few mistakes along the way. Not to mention, we also screwed up by not making it known sooner that the plan had changed.  Our bad.   
I spoke with management today and they assured me they would have a release date secured ASAP.  
To those of you who took the time to try and find it at retail and came up empty...I am so sorry.  
Hopefully, once it's released it will have been worth the wait and inconvenience.
All the best


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