News: New Interview with Myles!

Below is a new interview Myles did with a Myspace page: 'For the Love of Rock'.

Interviewed by: Rocker Chic
Big thanks to Myles for taking the time to answer some questions for us.
Q: I read that Alter Bridge is named after a bridge near Mark's home town of Detroit and that children were not allowed to cross it because it led to the bad side of town. Therefore the name signifies to you "crossing into the unknown". I suppose we all cross the metaphorical bridge into the unknown everyday, but have you ever crossed the actual bridge? If not, any plans to?
MK: I have not actually been to Alter Bridge.  Maybe someday.
Q: Since all of the members of AB are from Creed with the exception of you, did you feel like you were replacing Scott Stapp or did it feel like an entirely new band?
MK: That was something I let go of early on. By the time we made Blackbird, it was obvious that we were a different band. After almost 6 years of touring and making records together, it's something I didn't think about. 
Q: For everyone that has heard you in AB or heard you in any former band, they know what an amazing guitar player and lyricist you are and how incredible your vocal range is, which makes it obvious why you were asked by Mark to be the singer for Alter Bridge. Was there any hesitation on your part, or did it feel like a perfect fit from the start? And what is it like to be playing with that caliber of musicians?
MK: My only hesitation was the idea of fronting a band without my guitar. Other than that, it felt like a good fit because we had a similar work ethic and high standards for the songs. As the years have gone on, my writing and guitar playing are now being utilized. Yeah those guys are great players. It's great playing with guys who take their craft seriously. I love what interacting at that level musically brings.
Q: Can you tell us a little fun fact about each of the guys?
MK: Scott is very funny. He always makes me laugh.That is golden when you are on the road. He's also very smart considering he bangs on things for a living.
Mark eats more Chicken than anyone I have ever met. It has to be a chicken breast or something that looks like a chicken breast. But, if it looks anything like a real chicken he won't consume it. The other funny thing is that he won't touch sushi. I heard a story that someone once offered him a signed Baseball by Babe Ruth for him to eat one piece and he wouldn't do it. 
Brian has a very bizarre sleep schedule. He generally will go to bed after the show. Then he will get out of bed a few hours later and consume a large amount of candy and sugar. It's one of the most fascinating things I have ever seen.
Q: You played Thor in the movie “Rock Star”, the kid who gets pulled out of the audience as the next singer of Steel Dragon, after Izzy (played by Mark Walberg) has decided to quit. Your scene may have been small, but its one of the coolest scenes in the movie. You conveyed the look of utter shock and excitement with so much conviction that we all believed it!! Not to mention, you introduced us all to your Rock Star pipes. It seems a bit prophetic in the sense that you played in cover bands and then ended up being the singer in a band made up of musicians that had reached a multi platinum level and with them, you produced a gold record. Do you think in a way it mirrors how your career as a musician played out? And do you plan to do more acting?
MK: It was definitely prophetic. Very strange really. Not just with Alter Bridge but other opportunities that have come my way. I have been very fortunate. I don't plan on doing anymore acting at this point. They have to get up way to early to shoot their scenes!
Q: Your sophomore album “Black Bird” is very different from your debut album due in part to “One Day Remains” being written mostly by Mark before you joined Alter Bridge. Will your third album have any significant style changes?
MK: Yeah, about half of One Day Remains was written before I came into the fold. I was a part of the writing process on Open Your Eyes, Metalingus, etc. but it wasn't inclusive of my guitar. By the time we made Blackbird, my writing and guitar playing were being utilized. Hopefully, with the next record we will continue to evolve and tap into everyone's bag of tricks. 
Q: Your lyrics send out powerful messages from saving yourself to saving the world. You touch on peace, humanity, overcoming addiction, love, etc. Is it important to you to convey a positive message to your fans?
MK: Absolutely. Nothing makes me happier than knowing these songs resonate in a positive way for people. It's extremely rewarding.
Q: While the guys are on the Creed reunion tour, I understand you are working on a side project of your own and writing music for a solo album. Can you tell us about it? 
MK: It's been one of the biggest challenges of my career. I have been locked away for the last 8 months putting it together. I wanted to challenge myself by seeing what would happen if I had no one to bounce ideas off of. When you approach it that way, it's very time consuming because you spend more time chasing your tail and filtering ideas than writing. But when it's all said and done, I will know that I was able to extract it all from my heart. It's teaching me a lot about trusting my instincts. I won't go into a ton of detail about what it sounds like. I'm doing my best to make sure it touches on a few different strengths for me as a writer, singer and player.     
Q: You jammed with the boys of “Led Zeppelin”, and in doing so rumours started flying about you filling the shoes of Robert Plant on a LZ reunion tour. Jamming with those legends had to be one of the highlights of your life. What was that experience like? And was there any truth to the rumours?
MK: Let's just put it this way. No one can fill Robert Plant's shoes. It was not going to be called Led Zeppelin. What I got to experience with those guys will always be sacred to me.  
Q: AB has rocked stages all over the globe in the past six years. Which tour have you enjoyed most and why? Where are you planning on touring next?

MK: The last tour we did in the ..UK.. and ..Europe.. back in November and December of 08 was very enjoyable. We were finally seeing all the years of hard work pay off. "If you build it, they will come." It was a fantastic way to end the Blackbird tour cycle. 
Q: Your DVD is out this September. Can you tell us a bit about the making of it and what we can expect to see and hear?

MK: It was a lot of fun. It was crazy in terms of all that went into it from a production standpoint. It was basically just us playing to a great crowd, having the time of our lives. Since a lot of people tend to overdub their vocals after the fact, I was adamant about keeping it real. In fact, on one song you hear me sing the wrong lyric. Kind of funny actually. It is going to be released worldwide on September 29th.

Q: Does AB have any other plans for the near future you can share with us? 
MK: Mark and I are both stockpiling musical ideas and plan to meet in November to finish writing AB 3. We have quite a few songs put together already.
Q: In closing is there anything you would like to say to your fans?
MK: A lot of folks have contacted me about their concerns for the future of this band. All I can say is... don't worry. We will have a new record and tour in 2010. 

Don't let the fact that we all have so many projects confuse you. The way I look at it, it's healthy to tap into a few different things creatively. Hopefully, it will make the next Alter Bridge record that much better.

 Thank you all for reading this interview.


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