News: New album and Live DVD updates!

Hello Alter Bridge Nation,

The band have some good news. First, Myles is down in Miami as we speak overseeing the final audio of the new Live DVD and the band will be joining him this weekend to check it out and give their final approval. They still don't have a release date yet but they will let you know as soon as they get one. Word from Myles is that everything sounds great thus far and they are excited to hear the final product.

They have also had word from the director of the DVD, Dan Catullo, that they will have a preview clip ready to go up on Monday. That comes from the man himself so cross your fingers and they assure you that as soon as they get it, they will put it up for you to view.

Most importantly, the last writing session was fantastic and a few new songs were born. The band now have six songs that they feel are "album ready" at this point, so it seems they are close to having half the album written. The band look forward to what the future sessions will bring. They will let you know when another one starts.

Keep rocking,

Alter Bridge


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