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Hello Alter Bridge Nation,

Mark and Myles had a great time playing acoustic last week in northern California. Many thanks to all you fans who listened on the radio or attended the shows. For those of you who did not.... here is a link to Myles doing his rendition of  Hallelujah in Santa Rosa at the KMHX event at the Last Day Saloon.

Here is a link to view the first time Blackbird has ever been played acoustically at the same show...

In other news we have found out that one of our songs has been chosen for Guitar Hero 5, which will be out later this year. We can't reveal the song title until the game maker does and we will update you with that info plus a release date later on.

Also, we just received an email from T-REX stating that the new Tremonti Phaser pedal is now shipping and will be arriving in music stores soon. For more info on T-REX's new Tremonti Phaser you can visit this link...

We are still hard at work work writing "Alter Bridge III" (working title). Right now Myles and Mark are writing seperately at their respective homes but the whole band will come together again in late-March to further the process. We are excited to see where this will lead.

On the live DVD front, progress is being made. Myles went to New York to check out how the editing of the concert was looking and he came back very pleased. Sound mixing is due to begin later this month as well. May is looking realistic for a street date barring any unforseen circumstances.

Well, thats all the news thats fit to print for now. We'll update you again as new events warrant. In the meantime, Watch Over You is being played on radio right now so feel free to call up your favorite station to request it.

Keep rocking,

Alter Bridge


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