News: July Release Date for Tremonti Project 'All I Was' Album

Mark Tremonti has set a 10th July release date for his debut solo album, 'All I Was'. The record will be released via Tremonti's own Fret 12 Records.

"Most of the stuff is more up-tempo and heavy-riffing though," Tremonti recently told ARTISTdirect. "I had to write 11 solos for this record so it took me a long time. There's lots of soloing."

Tremonti will also be handling vocal duties on the album, marking the first time the guitarist has taken on lead vocals for a record.

"I've always been a songwriter, so I've sung while I was playing," he said in a recent interview with, "but I write in my falsetto, so I'm hitting very high notes and all over the place, but I've always had a low range, so for my solo stuff I tune it way down. Y'know, I just never had the confidence before."

You can pre-order now including special fan packs via the Fret12 website.
There are 2 Special Edition Bundles available for a limited time. The 'All I Was Special Bundle' and 'All I Was Special Disc Pack' are now in the FRET12 Store.

Click here to order the 'All I Was Special Bundle'

Click here to order the 'All I Was Special Disc Pack'


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