News: Want To Be In The Next Alter Bridge DVD?

The following message is from Dan Catullo, the Director of this upcoming DVD...

Hey Guys-

I want to share with you an amazing opportunity with you!

We are making a DVD for a Deluxe Version of AB III to be released this Fall in Europe. We want to tell the story from the "Fans" point of view! If you want to be in it, just follow the instructions below:

1) Film yourself in HD (sorry HD only videos accepted) answering the following questions:

A) Your name, location and age (if you are under 18- you must have your parents jump on camera and give their consent for us to use you)

B) Your favorite AB song and why?

C) How did you learn about AB?

D) How many shows have you seen and where?

E) What is different about AB compared to other bands?

F) Tell us a little something about each band member (your thoughts on them, stories of perhaps times you met them, etc)

G) Any AB-related stories that you have? If so, tell us about them

H) Why do you think that in a time where most rock bands are losing fan bases and having their concert ticket sales decline, AB is on the rise?

I) Do you have any special message to the band or fellow fans?

Make sure you speak clearly and you are properly lit to be considered. We will be posting a website next week for you to upload/ post your videos on. This opportunity only exists for a week, so it you want a chance to be immortalized in the next AB DVD project, you better hurry!!!


1) The video needs to be in HD (either 720 or 1080- doesn't matter). An I-Flip camera is fine- you don't need to get too fancy here

2) We want single shots (no montages) of you speaking clearly into the camera. Choose a nice background and make sure you are properly lit and your audio is clean (turn off all radios and TV's in the background)

3) The more interesting your story is, the better chance you have of us using your footage

4) Make sure you put your contact information on the video so if we have questions we can contact you

5) We will have the information for the website to upload he footage available to you sometime next week

6) We are also looking for tours of your bedrooms or houses. If you have an "Alter Bridge Shrine" or anything interesting related to the band that you want us to see, please film it. Same goes with tattoos and any other form of memorabilia.

Looking forward to hearing all of your stories!

If you have any questions- you can e-mail us at

Good luck!



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